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Jenn Bostic

Faithful (CD + Digital)


Physical and Digital copies of Jenn Bostic's 14 Track Album "Faithful," Including: 1. Faithful 2. Kinda Feel Like Fallin' in Love 3. Cold and Frozen 4. Counterfeit 5. Hurting Me, Hurting You 6. Shiny New Toy 7. If You See Him 8. Little Grace 9. Still Breathing 10. Fight For Your Life 11. I Will Follow 12. What Love Feels Like 13. Chasing Rainbows 14. I Don't Like You At All

This offer contains:

-03 Cold and Frozen
-06 Shiny New Toy
-02 Kinda Feel Like Fallin' in Love
-11 I Will Follow
-10 Fight For Your Life
-08 A Little Grace
-14 I Don't Like You At All
-13 Chasing Rainbows
-Hurting Me, Hurting You
-If You See Him
-01 Faithful
-What Love Feels Like
-Still Breathing

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)

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